In order to offer a better service, U.S. Tax Consultants has developed an information system that allows our clients to know in which phase of the preparation process your return is.

A process that consists of eight different phases and of which the client will be informed through successive e-mails sent by the U.S. Tax Consultants.

This model is launched with the information Modelo 720 of the AEAT, the report on assets abroad.

A work tracking system that will also apply to Modelos 100 of the AEAT, and Form 1040, FBAR (FinCen) and Streamline of the IRS.

Our Tracking Model System also sets maximum times for each of the phases, with which the client will also be able to know when the declaration will be completed.

These are estimated times for standard declarations and with the delivery of fully completed documentation to the client.

We believe that it is a very useful tool in areas that were of interest to our clients according to the satisfaction survey carried out in November and December 2020.