All our fees for Tax Returns are based on the time spent and complexity. You can ask us for the estimated time needed of any Form suggested by the IRS.

List of fees

All our fees for Tax Returns are based on the time spent and complexity.

You can ask us for the estimated time needed of any Form suggested by the IRS. We will always let you know if the fees will be different to the ones shown below. Invoices will be issued when the return or service has been prepared. Payment of the invoices will be made upon receipt of the invoice, either by credit card, bank transfer or in cash at the office. VAT is not included.

Consultation Time (billed in 30-minute increments): € 100,00

Our Accountants, Tax Preparer Professionals and Lawyers would be happy to answer any questions you may have or advise you on tax planning strategies. Set up an appointment in our offices in Madrid or consult us via e-mail or by phone. The first consultation will be free.

Individual Tax Return (Form 1040, 1040NR & 1040X Amended): 260,00

The fee is for a current year Individual Federal Tax Return which includes the following Forms: 1040, 2555, 1116, Sch. A, Sch. B, one Sch. C, Sch. D, Sch. E (three rental property), up to three Schedule K-1′s, and up to ten Bank Interest/Dividend entries, and up to 10 brokerage transactions. We do not include Form 8938, please, let us know if you are required to file Form 8938, the principle document to compile with the FATCA regulations and we will prepare for a fee.

Do you need to amend your previously filled tax Return?. Only if we have already prepared the original 1040, the fee will be 200.00€. For all our clients who have not filed their returns before June 1st, we will provide a 4 months’ automatic extension (until October 15th).

State Tax Return: 210,00

Does your state require expatriates to pay taxes on worldwide income? Most States require to file State taxes if you have any income from that State, if you live there for a period of time during the year.

Small Business Tax Return: 550,00

For a 1065 Partnership, 1120 S-Corp, 1120 C-Corp or  We also file the request for the 4 months’ automatic extension (until August 15th) upon clients’ request.

IRS Letters and Audits: 160,00

According to our general rule that our fees are based on the time spent and complexity, we are ready to analyze, assess and answer any letter or communication received from the IRS and depending on the complication and the time spend we might charge up to 150,00€

Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure: € 1,300.00

If you need to come into compliance with your U.S tax obligations, you will need to file a Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure: We will prepare for you 3 years of Tax Returns and six years of FBAR at the same request and all needed documents. We are experts on helping expats get back on track!  We have a special package to help you to join the IRS Streamline Procedure for € 1,300.00, but do not include any 8621 (PFICs)

FBAR – FinCEN Form 114 and FATCA – Form 8938: from 95.00

Both forms are completely independent even if the data is very similar; there will be a charge separate from the preparation of the Form 1040. The fee will be € 95.00 for filing a form that has up to 5 items, and there will be a € 30.00 charge up to 15 items and from 15 to 25 ítems will be € 150.00.  Do not hesitate to ask us for the filling/filing instructions which you can also download from the download menu.

Additional Forms (beyond those covered in our tax prep packages)

Generally, our clients will not need to file forms other than those included in our Federal and State tax return packages. However, for those who have more complex tax situations (those who have several rental properties or who own specific types of foreign companies) additional forms or schedules may be necessary. We will always let you know the cost before we begin preparing any document

  • Form 8865 (Information Return of U.S. Persons with respect to certain Foreign Partnerships) and Form 5471(Information Return of U.S. Persons with respect to certain Foreign Corporations) € 400.00
  • Form 8621 – PFIC (Information Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Company or Qualified Electing Fund)  € 250.00 each form.

W-7 Application for ITIN: € 150.00.

Tax identification number for the IRS. Either ITIN or EIN the fee will be € 150.00. We are Acceptance Agents for the W7 in front of the IRS, since May 2018.

Form 706NA Application for Federal transfer Certificate

Form 706NR the fee is €125.00: Only if the value of the decedent’s taxable assets in the United States exceeded $60,000 on the date of death.

List of fees (VAT not included)


Consultation time at Madrid Office or by phone. The first consultation is free.€ 100.00
Form 1040 & 10470X€ 260.00
State tax & Citi Tax€ 210.00
Small Business Tax Return€ 550.00
IRS Letters and Audits€ 160.00
Streamlined Foreign Offshore – amnesty procedure€ 1,300.00
FBAR FinCEN 114 & FATCA Form 8938€ 95.00
Other Forms to be included in the US individual tax return: Form 8865 & 5471€ 400.00
Other Forms to be included in the US individual tax return: Form 8621, each form€ 250.00
ITIN – Individual Tax Identification Number (W-7)€ 150.00
Form 706NA Application for a Federal Transfer Certificate€ 125.00

Fiscal Activity in Spain

Description and Fees of the fiscal Forms in Spain

All our fees for Tax Returns are based on the time spend and the complexity of the return.

Modelo 100 IRPF – from € 150.00

This is the individual tax return for residents in Spain. In most cases, the AEAT sends you a draft to be accepted and others must be edited with foreign income and additional deductions. The fee to submit an accepted draft is € 100.00 and € 150.00 if it is edited with the foreign income.

Modelo 210 IRNR, from 150.00 every three months.

Non-resident Income Tax which source is Spain for non-fiscal residents

​Modelo 149, from € 700.00

Preaparation and filing the Modelo 149 to apply for the special Regime known as the Bekham Law. This Tax Regime will allow you to pay 24% of taxes from their gross income, both in earned income and passive income.

Modelo 151, from 150.00

Resident’s income under the Bekham Law. (annual) This declaration corresponds to all those who have been granted this status by which they have to pay 24% of taxes from their gross income, both in earned income and passive income.

Modelo 720, from150.00

Corresponds to the Spanish tax authorities – AEAT. Annual report of assets abroad, which includes financial accounts, investments and real estate. Your deadline is March 31 of each year. The fee will be € 150.00 for submitting a 720 that has up to 10 items; € 200.00 up to 15 items; € 250.00 up to 20 items; € 300.00 up to 25 items reported; from 25 items reported the work to be done will be budgeted.

IVA Modelo 303, from 150.00 every three months

Those who rent a property to a company to carry out an economic activity must submit a quarterly VAT return. You do not have to submit the annual summary 390.

Modelo 210, from 100.00 every three months. Rental Real Estate

Rents in Spain of non-residents (Quarterly) Individuals who rent a flat or premises and who are non-residents must pay quarterly 24% of taxes on gross rental income. There are no possible deductions.

Modelo 210, from 100.00 every three months. Non-rental Real Estate

Non-resident Income Tax. Income imputed (annual). All non-residents who maintain a property in Spain at their disposal is to say that it is not rented, must file this form before the end of the year paying 24% of the 1.1% of the cadastral value of the property in concept of income imputed to the property.

Autónomos, from € 200.00 every three months

Modelo 130, 303 and 111 and the corresponding annual forms: 390, 190. The self-employed may be required to submit up to 3 quarterly statements depending on the economic activity they develop. Modelo 130 is the quarterly income tax payments of a self-employed person. The Modelo 303 corresponds to the quarterly VAT. Model 111 corresponds to the withholdings that you have made to your workers as well as to other suppliers for the type of economic activity.

Corporations SL & SA, from 250.00 per month

Quarterly and Annual forms with two payrolls. Corporate Tax Return Mercantile annual.


The fees, in general, are set based on the work done, the complexity of the declaration and the time of dedication.

List of fees


Model 100 IRPF – if only it is to confirm the AEAT draft € 100.00
Model 100 IRPF – if you have to modify the AEAT draft with income from abroad. from € 150.00
Modeol 210 IRNR – Non-Resident income tax. from € 150.00
Modelo 720 – Report of assets abroadfrom € 150.00
VAT 303 – Comercial and business office rentals€ 150.00
Modelo 149 – Preparation and filing of teh application for the Beckham Law€ 700.00
Modelo 151 – Income tax for resident individuals under Beckham Law€ 150.00
Modelo 210 – Non-resident income. Imputed rents (Annual)€ 150.00
Modelo 210 – House Rental in Spain for non-residents (Quarterly)€ 100.00
Requirements and Audit Letters from the AEATfrom €160.00
Autonomos: model 130, 303 and 111 and the corresponding annual models: 390, 190from € 200.00
every quarter
Corporations SL & SA: with up to two payrolls, preparation and filing quarterly and annual forms. Corporation Tax, Annual Trade Registerfrom € 250.00
per month


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