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U.S. TAX Consultants open a new Tax Preparation Office at the Rota Gateway Mall


A U.S. Tax preparation office will be open from February to June 2022, from 11:00 to 18:00 Mondays through Fridays, to serve all current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, their families and U.S. civilian employees.
You can have your taxes prepared and filed from the Naval Station of Rota. Those who are stationed at the Morón Air Base, the National Support Elements in Madrid and Valencia (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal) are also included.

U.S. Tax Consultants


U.S. Tax Consultants with offices in Madrid, Asturias (Spain) and Algarve (Portugal), has 56 years of experience in filing American, Spanish, and Portuguese taxes. Thanks to our professionalism and quality control, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a job well done.

Rota Gateway Mall Tax Office. General information

Ask specific questions for free with no commitment on your part. As well, you will have the opportunity to participate in our public information session at the Rota Getaway Mall in February/March.

We will start collecting the documentation needed to prepare your U.S. Individual Tax Return from February 1st through June 30th, from 11:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. The complete list of documents can be downloaded HERE.

Remember that the earned income and pensions for all current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces are excluded from your Spanish and Portuguese Tax return. However, if you have spent more than 183 days in Spain or Portugal, you will be considered a “fiscal resident” of these countries, and you must file a tax return in these countries first.

Support and Free Tax Consultation at the Rota Base

Fortunately for our armed forces, most military installations offer tax support venues to help service members and their families. Now there is one in Rota.

U.S. Tax Consultants offers income tax support through professional IRS certified tax preparers. We understand military-specific tax issues, and this tax preparation service comes with a FREE Consultation Service.

Am I required to file 1040?

U.S. Persons (U.S. Citizens, Green Card Holders and Resident Aliens) are required to file annually regardless of:
· Where their income is earned.
· Where in world they live.
· Whether or not the U.S. has a Tax Treaty with that country.
· Whether or not they also pay Foreign Taxes.

Minimum to file:
· If you file “Single” and are under 65 by December 31, and your minimum gross income is $12,550. However, if you are 65 or older, your gross
earned income must be at least $14,250.
· If you file as “Married Filing Jointly,” the minimum to file is $25,100 gross income. However, if you file as “Married Filing Separately,” the
minimum limit is $5 of gross income.
· On the other hand, if your income is passive income (interest, dividends, etc.) you are required to file the return from $1,100.

Military Tax Extension

File Form 1040 by April 15th. If you are a U.S. Person, you qualify for an automatic extension of two months until June 15th without filing the form 4868.

This extension gives you an extra 2 months to file and pay the tax, but interest will be charged from the original due date of the return on any unpaid tax.

With the Form 4868 you will have an extension until October 15th. We request the extension for all our clients, for free.

Military Tax Deductions


U.S. Tax Consultants helps military personnel and families take advantage of tax deductions and support for special tax situations that those serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are entitled to. Many service members make the mistake of taking the easiest route and use the shortest, simplest form. This could cost them dearly in savings.

The most common deduction and tax breaks are:


New Tax Bracket Rates for 2021

Income Tax Brackets have changed somewhat with a rise in tax bracket rates for all Americans, and the inclusion of additional tax brackets for various U.S. income ranges, including 37% for incomes over $500,000 and above if filing single, and $600,000 and above for joint filers.

Do I really need a professional Tax Preparer?


Tax preparers need an active PTIN to file tax returns on behalf of their clients. PTINs identify these professionals to the IRS and protect them from fraud.

A professional tax preparer can save you time and money, can answer your questions and resolve issues. The tax code is complicated: Professional tax preparers keep up with the yearly changes. With a professional tax preparer, you gain peace of mind, as mistakes can be costly. What’s more, working with a professional reduces the risk of an audit, not to mention that a professional tax preparer takes the burden off your doing your taxes yourself. 

How much does it cost to have form 1040 prepared?


U.S. Tax Consultants offers a flat fee for the current year Individual Federal Tax Return 2021, which includes the following Forms: 1040, 2555, 1116, Sch. 1, 2 and 3, Sch. A, B, C, D, E and K-1s; we also include the Form 8938 and the FinCEN 114 (FBAR) if less than 5 financial accounts. The forms not included are Form 8621 for Mutual Funds bought abroad and Form 5471 if you own more that 10% of a foreign corporation.

The fee for 2021 for preparing the 1040 is $249, and for the State Tax, €100. Please be sure that you check with our office at the Rota Base to offer you this special flat fee.  

What do I need to present so you can prepare our Tax Return?


You can find an extensive list of documentation that we might need by clicking HERE. 

You can either bring it or send it to our office at the Rota Base or you can upload it directly yourself in the Clients Area on the Top menu of our website.  Clients Area.


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