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Investments as an American Abroad: What would you need to know to build a secure financial future while staying in compliance with the IRS.

June 22nd – Thursday 19:00-20:30

Venue at Sagardoy Abogados c/Tutor, 24 – Madrid

Do´s and don´ts when investing as an American abroad. What not to do (ostrich strategy), how to open a US account from as an American Abroad. US and non-US spouse, special considerations when investing. PFIC and Form 8621. Spanish fiscal perspective and the investments that give right to the authorization of residence.

Speakers: James Levy (Clearwater Private Investments) Alejandra Pastor & Ricardo Delicado (Sagardoy Abogados) and Antonio Rodriguez (US Tax Consultants)

Registration required at https://acmneedtoknowinvestmentsforamericanslivinginspain.eventbrite.com