Our Whitepapers


  1. Application for the ITIN W7 Individual Tax Identification Number. Top reasons why it will be suspended or rejected.
  2. All U.S. and Spanish Treaties to avoid double Taxation.
  3. Foreign Tax Credit  FTC vs Foreign Earned Income Exclusion FEIE
  4. PFICs – Form 8621 and its taxation
  5. Form 5471 the most difficult and complicated form according to the IRS
  6. Treatment of US LLC in the Spanish IRPF.
  7. Accepted expenses as Autonomo in Spain and self-employed in the U.S. Rent expenses in Spain and the U.S.
  8. IRA, RothIRA, and SEP advantages and disadvantges for expats.
  9. Eligibility, credits and deductions on education for dependents and Tax payers


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